Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is a special day...it's my Mom's birthday!
One of the reasons it's so special is because she will actually have a "real" birthday this year:-)

My Mom was a leap year baby...born on February 29th, _ _ _ _ !! So, she only has a "real" birthday once every four years. 

Another reason it's so special is because she's MY Mom. A lot of people lose their Mom's early in life or some just have Mom's that are "Mom-in-name-only". I'm thankful that even though I'm just 31, I still have her and she's never been one of those "mom-in-name-only" types:-) She's as much my mother now as she was when I was 5!! LOL! 

She's my greatest critic, but also my greatest supporter. **next to my husband, of course!** Just because I got married and moved far away, she didn't stop being my Mom. She is constantly involving herself in my life and the lives of my husband and children. I think she sometimes forgets that my husband isn't "hers":-) She loves him as much as her own kids! 

I cannot begin to recount all the things that she does, did, and will probably do if the Lord tarries:-) for me. She is constantly seeking to invest in her children and grandchildren on a daily basis. She is the kind of Mom that gets upset if I don't tell her I'm not feeling too great and I didn't call her to come get the kids so I could rest...lol!! I always say that "my kids have two mothers". So happy for that!! Not for myself, but for my children! I love it that they get to be with her, learn from her wisdom and experience, and be exposed to her Godly influence in the way of being a good wife and mom. That is a precious gift! 

My Mom gave up a lot for my upbringing. She could have been anything she wanted to be, mainly a Concert Pianist. She could have had that! BUT, she set aside everything to marry a farmer, have three kids, live on a  budget less than a dime, homeschool, homeschool, homeschool, and then become a Joyful-full of energy and love-Grandmother! She still gets up everyday with her kids and grandkids on her heart and mind. We are still first. Such sacrifice can never be repaid, but I hope that I will become the Mother she is by what I've learned from her. Her faith has remained unwavering and her commitment to Christ as her Lord and Authority is something I've never seen in anyone else. 

Thank you, Mom, for the legacy of love and self-lessness you've given me! I love you and wish you the Happiest of ALL birthdays!

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  1. This made me cry. Thank you for your kind, sweet words - I don't deserve them, and I think maybe you forgot all the ways that I was NOT a good mom or wife :-(. But the Lord helped me try to be what I ought to be. You don't really know what a blessing you are to me! Next to your dad, you are my greatest "cheerleader"! I am privileged to continue to invest in our family, and I dearly love you, your husband, and your children. "Praise God from Whom all blessings flow"!


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