Monday, February 20, 2012

Fats...Good or Bad?

What do you think about fat? 

I'm NOT talking about the "leftover-wigglies-from-three-babies" kind that goes away once you start exercising again*big smiley face* I'm talking about food fat. You know, you've heard it a billion times "saturated, unsaturated, polysaturated...blah, blah, blah..." Oh gracious, I can't keep all those terms straight to save my life! lol! 

SOOOOO...I just throw them out the window and say "bad fat and good fat". There. That's much simpler:-) 

So how do I tell if something is "bad fat or good fat"? Well, if it uses the words "pasteurized, homogenized, refined" it's B . A . D . Read this excerpt from A. Vonderplanitz Ph.D at

 Processed dairy is any dairy that has been altered from its raw state by heating the dairy above a cow's body temperature. Pasteurization, irradiation, boiling or homogenization are the most commonly known forms of processing. Also, the processes of chemical treatment are used to enhance flavor, fortify and preserve bad-tasting milk that has been heat-treated and putrefactive. The common store type of milk is processed to the extent it turns blue. They add large amounts of dolomite (mined calcium carbonate, that is rock) to make it white and add irradiated hydrogenated vegetable oil as Vitamin D. Hydrogenated oil has the same molecular structure as plastic unlike natural raw milk. Additionally, irradiated oil is not Vitamin D yet the FDA allows them to call it that. The following processes are used to treat dairy: Pasteurization - heating milk to, at least, 130 degrees F. (54 degrees C.) for at least 45 seconds, or 160 degrees F. (71 degrees C.) for at least 15 seconds. Boiling means cooking the milk until is begins to vaporize, usually for at least 5 seconds. Irradiation - Exposing milk to destructive light such as high-intensity ultraviolet or radioactive contamination; also called cold-pasteurization Homogenization - Subjecting the milk-fat (cream) to high pressures and forcing it through a tight-meshed screen that causes the fat-molecules to rupture, turn rancid and spoil. Homogenization originated to hide milk that was low in fat. In early years, low-fat milk was considered less desirable and unhealthy. Homogenization today is performed to keep the cream from separating from the milk so that it will not sour and the milk looks even.

All of these processes destroy or damage the wonderful nutrients in raw milk.

Ahhhh! Read on...if you're brave enough :-)

"Calcification of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), the joints (arthritis) and the pineal gland may be due to the excessive intake of fractionated milk i.e. "skim milk" or "low fat" milk. On the advice of physicians, millions of people have switched to lowfat milk under the mistaken belief that avoiding the milk fat will enable them to avoid hardening of the arteries. Drinking fractionated milk may cause exactly the opposite effect! Many other millions are drinking lowfat milk to avoid weight gain...Do you know how a farmer fattens his hogs? He feeds them skim milk." William Douglas, MD

So what's "good fat"? You want to look for words like these "Raw, Unprocessed, Unrefined, Whole (not "whole grain":-) Butterfat, etc"
Sticking with these words will guarantee you a better chance of avoiding a horrible death of cancer, heart disease, heart attack, colon cancer, and the such. Bruce Pacetti, DDS PPNF from the Health Journal sums it up pretty good. He says " Anyone who has experienced the misery of constant tooth or gum problems, the financial ruin of constant illness, the frustration of low energy, the incapacitation of allergies, the pain of arthritis, the crippling effects of a survived heart attack, or the terror of cancer is well aware that no matter how gradual the process, there is nothing pleasant about any of these afflictions..." True, some people may live to be 75-80, but how miserable is their life because of what they eat? Some people's bodies can't handle it for even a year and they die before age three of cancer. 

Healthy fats provide our bodies with fuel, energy, vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, and the like so that it can function as it as been designed to do. Food is not your comfort or your friend, it is fuel for your body. One of my favorite sayings that I keep in mind at all times is "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!!" The thing is this...skinny tastes like fat. If you are avoiding healthy fats for fear of being fat, weeelll, more than likely you're already fat and trying to starve it off. The body won't metabolize like it should if you're starving it of healthy fat in your daily diet. The  bad fats that you are in taking are actually making you fat. If you try to diet those off with more unhealthy fats "i.e. skim, lowfat, etc..." the body will throw itself into "starvation mode". It won't budge. It recognizes that you are killing it and will do whatever it has to to stay alive. 

I've heard this said "whew, I can't drink that raw milk stuff. The cream would make me soooo fat!!" Hmmmm. The body must have fat to balance the thyroid which balances the way it metabolizes. How can you be fat if you're avoiding bad fat and consuming good fat? Well, you can't! You're not starving your body instead, you're fueling it for more energy! More energy equals more fat stores burned...repeat...repeat...repeat = no dieting, healthy body mass, no "spare tires", and healthy happy you! 

Of course this happy lifestyle must be accompanied by good exercise. I'm not talking about "I parked at the back of the parking lot, took the stairs, walked around the block three times" exercise that is a true sense of lethargy. Sadly, since we've left our fore fathers way of living on the farm and truly working hard all day, we've had to substitute that muscle-building, fat-burning work with fitness equipment, work out gyms, and such. Since it is what it is, we need to make sure that we are getting those metabolizing juices flowing so that we can push those beautiful nutrients to all our organs to keep them moving in harmony! 

Here's the that you know, what are you going to do with it?  It's's's don't have to resign yourself to drinking and eating CAFO(confined animal farm production) Poo and white bacteria fluid that makes you sick and fat. God has made a way through His perfect design of Creation for us to be able to eat and drink for nourishment, not for sickness and disease. Contamination and destruction has been all man's doing, not God's. Just as He promised the Israelite nation "none of these diseases" for their obedience in following dietary laws and hygiene practices, He can do the same for us if we'll just do things His way! 

"Even if you are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth."

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