Friday, September 27, 2013

Project Mendy Brockman

Good morning fellow readers! Many of you have read of Mendy and her car accident and are praying for her! Thank you so much! Here's something that you can do....

We have started a gofundme account for Mendy here. Since Mendy is paralyzed from the chest down with some movement in arms and wrists, we are raising money to provide her with a touch screen ipad and iphone. She currently has neither and uses Jason's (her husband) when he is able to come to the hospital. I know that this would be a tremendous blessing to them if we can get this money raised (plus any extra is always needed!) so we can get this for her and pay for a years service to both as well. They have so many needs, as you can imagine, and this is just one that I know we can help with!

Would you consider what you could do?? If we have 200 people only give $15 each, that would put us at our goal! If you can't give, would you pray? Would you get the word out about Mendy and her gofundme account? Will you be her feet and hands? Will you help?

Thank you so much!