Monday, July 22, 2013

Mondays for Mendy

Good morning :-) We're having a bit of sunshine again today and I for one am glad for that! All the rain has made things so soggy and boggy, so any bit of sunshine is always welcome!

I wanted to give a little update on Mendy and share with you the Mondays For Mendy page. This page has been put together by Jason and Mendy's former Home Church out in California as a way of keeping you up to date day by day for their needs and daily prayer requests. It has been called Mondays for Mendy as Mendy has requested that people pray for her specifically and consistently one day a week. Now, I pray almost hourly every day for her, but this is a great way for people to be reminded to intercede for them in prayer.

If you have not heard Mendy's story, please click here.

By clicking this link Monday's for Mendy, it will take you to the page that you can view daily and get updates on her progress and specific prayer requests that she and Jason have.

She is in good spirits and has come SO far! God's Grace is so evident and we are very thankful for the miracles He has already brought to pass and are looking forwards to seeing what He is going to do in the future!

Thank you for praying!

Monday, July 8, 2013

PRAYING FOR MENDY BROCKMAN...urgent call to prayer for all my readers!!!

Good morning to all of my readers....

Late this past Friday night, a young Mom was driving to the airport to pick her husband up..something completely routine in this young woman's life. On the way home, a car suddenly pulled out in front of them from the shoulder of the road. Their car clipped the other drivers, went into a spin, and flipped many times.  The husband was able to break out a window and crawl out with minor injuries. The young mom, my best friend for all of my life, was pinned upside down with a broken neck. The Jaws of Life were required to get her out and she was then life flighted to the nearest hospital.

As of this morning, after an extensive 12 hour surgery, she can move her arms/shoulders, but still has no feeling in her hands/wrists. There is also no feeling from her waist down. Her name is Mendy Brockman. She is a mother to four small children, ages 6 and under, her youngest being only a year old. The possibility of permanent paralysis from the chest down is great.

This family needs our PRAYERS!! God can do miracles and we know that. He also gives the miracle of GRACE to believers when He says no to the miracle of healing. We're asking Him to do His will in this situation. Will you join with us in praying for The Brockman Family? Will you spread the word in your families, communities, and churches?

Well wishes and Financial support can be sent to the following if you feel led by the Lord to do so...

Jason and Mendy Brockman
ICO Lighthouse Baptist Church
4280 Hopeful Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917

Mendy and Adalyn (my middle child)

Mendy and my oldest child (2006)
 I've known Mendy all of my life. We've been through so many things together and the pain of all of this is incredible. She has been my friend, mentor, encourager, amongst many other things. She needs our prayers and encouragement and I know it would greatly encourage them (her especially) to hear from people they don't even know that they are being prayed for and lifted up before the Throne of Heaven! Thank you for praying!

**UPDATE** Thursday, July 11**

This update is coming from a mutual friend who has been able to be in close contact with the Brockmans during this time.

 I talked to Jason this evening and he and Mendy are definitely overwhelmed. Each day brings new challenges and he asked me to post a couple of things to clarify Mendy's condition. There have been some posts about Mendy not being paralyzed above the waste, but that is not accurate. Mendy is not able to do much at all above the waist, and nothing below the waist.

She is now out of ICU, and they hope to begin some rehab pretty soon. This will be a very long term progression, and right now they are just trying to keep her moving some, so other complications won't occur, like bed sores and such.

Jason is physically fine, but, as you can imagine, he is quite exhausted and needs as much prayer support as possible. He does not have a Facebook account, but will likely get on Mendy's to clarify some things when he can. He is looking at other ways to communicate also, such as CaringBridge, but he has a lot on him now. I am looking into some details for him on that.

Please keep praying and know that they appreciate that very much. You are welcome to send notes, emails, and texts, but please understand that he won't be able to return many at all right now.

Use the following address, for physical mail:

Jason and Mendy Brockman
c/o Lighthouse Baptist Church
4280 Hopeful Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you want to help support them in any financial way, their church has a PayPal account. Just go to PayPal and then choose: Send Money and put the following email address in:

You can also send checks to the church directly with a note that it is to support Mendy Brockman.

**UPDATE: July 29, 2014** Mendy is doing remarkably well! She and her husband Jason just returned from ministering in a Conference for young adults and singles. This was Mendy's first time to be away from home ministering alongside her husband since the accident. 

The reason I give you this update that is up to now Mendy has been able to miraculously regain a lot of upper body movement. Her hands though remain weak and they are seeking the use of a ARP Wave Machine to help aid in her having more mobility and strength. This machine costs around $20,000 and is not covered by insurance. Mendy and Jason have trusted the Lord completely for all of their needs and we only found out about this just recently (they do not volunteer their needs :-) we have to drag it out of them!) If you will go to this link it will give more details and will share how you can help! Even if you cannot help, we COVET your prayers for this family! Thank you to all who have prayed and have passed Jason and Mendy's story along to others for prayer! 

Homemade Energy Boost...what are you doing today for your health?

Doesn't this look inviting???!!!

Wild blackberries, cucumber, red and yellow beets, and raw yogurt

Berry Delight Blender Juice!
What are you doing today for your health?? This blender juice took all of 10 minutes to make and it made enough for each of my children to have 8 oz. (I have 3 kids :-) and for me to have 16 oz! Everything in it was completely local and fresh. Now, THAT is what we call "eating healthy"!

Being healthy isn't complicated. It doesn't require the sanction of someone wearing a white coat. It's nothing to be afraid of. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do. Step out today and do what you know is good for you! Try this simple recipe and do it day after day and then see if after a while you start feeling better, feeling happier and healthier!

Berry Delight Blender Juice:
  2 Handfuls of wild blackberries
  1 cucumber
  2 red beets
  2 yellow beets
  1 TB raw honey
  1/4 cup raw yogurt (optional) *I put yogurt in my juices to add beneficial bacterias for my gut*
  46 oz. purified water

Blend, strain through a fine mesh strainer, pour, and ENJOY!

Click here for more blender juice recipes!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Homemade Blender Green Juice...easy and tasty!

Blender Juice! I love it! Blender juice has become my best friend the past month due to myself doing a whole body detox, colonics, and herbal treatments for parasites. I may share why I'm doing that someday, but not now :-)

A while back, before I began detoxing, I was given a stack of old books from the 50's-60's that have to do with home remedies, naturopathic medicine, herbal concoctions, and such. I love reading books like these because the medical approach to everything back then took a more natural holistic approach and over the counter things were absolute last resorts. Interesting how that has changed :-) Anyways, one of the books I was reading was strictly on using blender juices to heal every ailment under the sun. 

I personally feel that juices are very necessary for cleansing, but really, one can only do this safely when fresh organic pesticide free produce is in season. Meaning, that detoxing the body effectively can only take place during the spring and summer months while vegetables that are key for cleansing are in production. Hence, what I am about to share is my own personal experience and is not to be taken for medical advice :-)

Back to the juicing....I have a Champion Juicer that I use when I need to really get the juices out (like when I'm using carrots) , but it is messy and a lot of work. So I began making juices in my blender according to the instructions in my book! You can use SO many different things, but here are some of my favorite blends.

BTW...the only thing you need is a blender, a fine mesh sieve, vegetables, fruit, and your hands :-)

Green Juice:
Handful of green curly kale or lacinto kale
1 peeled cucumber
Juice of 1 lemon or orange
Raw local honey to taste (I usually put in a TB or two)
46 oz. of clean, purified, distilled...water

Put everything in the blender and liquefy. Pour through the fine mesh strainer into a stainless bowl. Use a spoon to swirl the mixture around until all you are left with is the pulp. Pour into a pitcher and either drink right away or keep in the fridge for only up to 2 hours. After that you have no nutrients left :-)

Beet and Cucumber Juice:
2 medium sized beets, peeled
2 cucumbers, peeled
Juice of 1 large orange
Honey to taste
46 oz. of water

Celery and Lemon Juice:
 Wash 4 stalks of celery thoroughly
 Juice of two lemons
 Honey to taste (you would probably like to use 2 TB on this one:-)
 30 oz. of water

There are so many variations to this, so get creative and come up with some juices that really appeal to you and your family! My family loves these juices and I also put yogurt in sometimes too for extra probiotics. My two year old son calls the juices "my duice!" and if he likes them, then you will too :-) 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Easy Garden Vegetable Casserole

I love Summertime food...I don't like summer, but I like the food :-) My kids argue vehemently over that with me because they love the pool, but I don't like the heat. I guess the Lord knew that and did not have me live in a very hot climate like Brazil or!

When vegetables like kohlrabi, cabbage, spring carrots, onions, and such start to come in, I begin to look for different ways to fix them. Kohlrabi is one of those vegetables that most people don't know about or if they do, they don't know what to do with it other than slice and dip in ranch dressing. 

I have a Spring Vegetable Casserole Recipe that I would like to share with you that I came up with a few months ago. The original idea for this casserole came from a breakfast dish my mom would make for Christmas Breakfast...I just changed a few things to make it more versatile! This recipe is SO easy and SO delicious that even your picky-eater-child will want to eat this!!!

Here goes....

Grease a 9x13 inch glass baking dish. Crumble 8 bread rolls, biscuits, or 10 pieces of sliced bread into the bottom of the greased dish. 

In a large mixing bowl combine the following ingredients and whisk together...
   1. 8 farm raised eggs
   2. 1 cup raw milk
   3. 2 tsp. mustard ( I love to use mustard by Eden...yummy!)
   4. 1/2 tsp  Celtic Gray or Redmond Real salt

In a skillet on the stove over medium heat, brown 1 pound of either ground beef or sausage. You can do half and half of the beef and sausage to give the dish a little more spice if yo want.  Personally, that is what I do because I really don't care for either meat by themselves but think they make an awesome combo!

Sprinkle the browned meat over the crumbled bread rolls in the dish.

Now for the vegetables.....chop or dice 1 large kohlrabi, two spring carrots, enough onion to suit your own personal preferences, a few sprigs of broccoli, and if tomatoes are in season, 1 large tomato. Sprinkle these chopped vegetables over the browned meat.

Pour the liquid mixture over top of the meat and vegetables.

Grate 8 oz. of sharp cheddar cheese ( I love Cabot Cheese!) and sprinkle over all.

Bake at 375 uncovered until center is set and bubbly and the sides are lightly browned! Take out and let cool for 10 minutes before serving!

I have yet to have any complaints from anyone that I've served this Casserole to! Here are some pictures of one that I made recently myself!
Casserole before the cheese!

These are two of my Giant Kohlrabi's that I got for $1 a piece at my local farmers market...they were the size of large Cabbages!!!

Topped with yummy Cabot Cheese!

Ready to EAT! Doesn't this look SO yummy??
 With all the vegetables starting to come in now, I encourage you to get creative and find some different ways to prepare your vegetables other than just chopping them up and throwing them on top of a bed of greens. Not that doing them that way is a bad thing, but it can get boring and can be hard for little ones to eat and digest. Putting them raw into a casserole that only bakes them until they are tender is a great way to help children eat things that are good for them in a very "eye pleasing" way!

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will be sharing a Green Drink that I make in my blender using fresh vegetables and greens that will put down the "Uggh, it's GREEN!" philosophy:-) Even my two year old loves to drink his "juice" so I know you will enjoy it too! Stay tuned!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Trip to Pickwick Dam 2013 Part 1

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege as a family to go to Savannah TN and visit Pickwick, Shiloh National Military Park, and The Cherry Mansion. This part of TN holds so much Civil War History and although I've been there more times than I can count (this part of the country is my Dad's Stompin' ground), I enjoyed it more than ever this year! I'm hoping we can go back again and do some more of what we didn't get to this trip!  Enjoy the pictures!

TN River Museum Fossil Dig exhibit

Harrison and Addy posing with some Early Settlers'...they were a bit hesitant because the figures looked so real :-)


Bridge crossing over the TN River right in front of the Cherry Mansion

The Cherry Mansion

Serious Civil War Talk going on here :-)
Another view of the Cherry Mansion. It was built in the late 1830's early 1840's? and everything you see is exactly what you would have seen if you had been General Grant :-) Eerie thought, isn't it ?:-)

Swimming in the lake...exact spot that my sisters and I swam at when we were Addy's age :-)

Dad in his element :-)

Si-man watching the ducks
Beginning our Tour of Shiloh National Military Park....with the man himself:-)

Caleb and Silas thought they were in heaven with all the "climbing blocks"...don't worry, we snapped a picture and then promptly removed dishonor was intended :-)

Pittsburgh Landing

Caleb and "Mimi" hanging out in the shade

A view looking towards the Hornets Nest that ran along the Sunken Road
Caleb and Silas checking the cannon's out

I will post part two of our trip tomorrow!