Thursday, February 16, 2012

Herbs...God's gift of tasty health insurance:-)

I love herbs:-) There is nothing like waking up to a steamy cup of either jasmine green tea or pomengranate green tea or relaxing before bed with a delicious brew of red rooibos, rose hips, orange peel, and stevia! 

My bi-monthly herbal order just came in the mail this morning and I loved just opening the box! The wonderful aromas just came wafting out of the box and I stood there for a second with my nose in the box,  inhaling the delicious smells:-) Makes my mouth water!!!!
Today the pomengranate green tea smelled just so delish that I just HAD to have a I did:-) SOOOOO yummy! My kids loved it too!!

Herbs are not just palatable but also medicinal. In this order I included Diatomaceous Earth, Comfrey, and Bentonite Clay. The DE is for detoxing overgrowths of parasites and intestinal worms. It is high in silica so it benefits the hair, skin, and nails while it gives your insides a good scrub:-) What I like the most about DE is that is not habit-forming. A lot of detox herbs can cause "lazy colon". Meaning, they stimulate the colon to clean itself and the stimulation causes the muscles surrounding the colon to get "lazy" so that when you stop using the herbs the colon won't do what it is supposed to do. The end result is irritable bowel syndrome to it's fullest me, I know:-) DE's sharp razor edge cylinders move through the intestinal tract killing parasites and scrubbing the walls of the colon, removing years of buildup. Yes, buildup occurs on the walls of the colon from toxins, chemicals, and processed foods that the body cannot digest and it blocks the body's ability to filter necessary nutrients to the bloodstream and causes bacteria's to be filtered instead. 

Comfrey is an amazing plant that grows anywhere, in any soil, withstands people (like myself) who have a tendency to not water their plants like they should:-), and disease. The tannins in the leaf of the plant perform beautiful miracles to broken bones, sliced up skin, strains, sprains, and the like. The other name for Comfrey is "knit bone"! Quite appropriate!  I personally have used Comfrey for the healing of nerve damage in my feet and ankles and for a dislocated rib that caused surrounding tissue tears. The nerve damage as I was told by an Orthopedic Surgeon, would never heal and it was something I would live with for the rest of my life:-) hmmm:-)
I do still see a Chiropractor periodically for my short leg syndrome that I so graciously inherited from my Dad's side of the family, but so long as I keep my legs the same length I'm ok! lol! A year or so ago I sliced my index finger on my left hand to the bone on a broken glass jar, severed muscle and tendon, and yet healed it up completely in two weeks with comfrey poultices and also healed the tendons so that I gained full use of my finger again! This stuff works!

Bentonite Clay is a swelling clay. If you have kids, you'd better have this! It has the ability to absorb toxins and poisons and carry them out of the body. It works wonders on poison ivy, bee and insect stings, and acts like a clotting agent to open wounds. I used this on my gashed finger to stop the pouring blood and to absorb any bacterias that may have been on the broken glass to avoid infection. A friend of mine's son got into poison ivy really bad a couple of summers ago and we pasted him up good with bentonite clay paste and his poison ivy itching and swelling were nearly gone in a couple of days. He was one happy kid:-)

These are just a few of the herbs that I keep on hand for medicinal purposes. Another one that I wouldn't be without is Activated Charcoal. Activated Charcoal is what you go to the emergency room for and pay $$$$ to help you recover from food poisoning or other intestinal ailments:-) For just a few dollars you can keep this on hand to help with any kind of stomach upset. It relieves the pain of the stomach issues and will either induce vomiting or will cause the other "reaction" to eliminate the toxins if they have made it to the colon:-) It has come in handy several times in this household over the past 12 years and I wouldn't be without it!

Now, I'm sure you're wondering why in the world I titled this post the way I did:-) Well, we don't have insurance AND we do not expect our Government to give it to us for free either. We pay for what we use. Period. If we have to take our children to the Doctor (they've all only been twice in their entire lives) we pay for it with Cash. God has given us exactly what we need in the area of food and herbs to be able to take care of our bodies so that we don't have to have laboratory concocted drugs to band-aid ourselves in order to keep living.  I figured up the other day that we spend around $40 per month on herbs. I don't order every month so this is just an average that can be a little more or a little less...just depends on what I need. (This month was more because some of my medicinal herbs were low and I haven't bought any in about a year.) That's pretty cheap "insurance"!! Considering that we've all missed getting the "flu" (I have my thoughts on that one:-) for the last 4-5 years, I think that I've got pretty good insurance! At least I'm getting something in return for my expenditure! People spend and spend and spend and what do they get?? SICK SICK SICK! The average household in America spends anywhere from $500-$1000 per month in health insurance and what do they get?? SICK. Nothing but. Hmmmm...I don't like that return. That doesn't seem to be a good use of money to me.  

I don't know about you but I like to feel good:-) I struggled with debilitating migraines throughout high school and early marriage until I stopped store dairy products and sodas of any kind! After I was able to experience what it was like to be in good health, I NEVER wanted to go back. Thankfully, God opened the doors to knowledge about His way of doing things and our family has never been the same know we're a little crazy:-), BUT we're healthy and we have the Lord to thank for that! Our Lord has made a way for His people to be able to live healthy and productive lives by providing these beautiful little plants for us to use! I'm so happy He did! 

If you are interested in where I get my herbs, check them all out...along with some GREAT!! 

Now, I think I'll go have another hot cup of that delicious Pomengranate Green Tea:-) Yummy!

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