Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adalyn = hysterical laughter

Our middle child, Adalyn, has been such an interesting child from the time she was born to us! Her creativity and sense of humor never fails to bring us all to the point of gasping for air from laughing, but today she has had an unusually exceptional day!

It seemed that at every turn she had something funny to say...about EVERYTHING! I will try to recount some of them because after all, "Laughter doeth good like a medicine". 

The day started with a trip to ToysRUS so Audrey could spend her gift card. While there, the girls came upon some packages of creepy crawlies. Adalyn examined the package and then turned to us and said "Oh my, I could scare the living daylights out of Grandma (Lockhart) with these!!!"

While we were driving down the road towards home, she starting picking at a scab on her knee. She gasped and said, "Audrey look! This white stuff that's coming out is awful! This means I have a dangerous disease!!" **I think she was thinking about the story of Namaan because we were reading about him in Bible Class this week** LOL!

Before bed, she came to us with her usual "I'm out of bed because...hmmmmm...." routine except lately it has been a plethora of physical ailments that seem to only plague her at night time:-) Tonight it was her head, "Daddy, my head is aching. It feels like someone either hit it with an ax or is pounding it with their hand."  Awhile later, I checked on her to see if her head was feeling better. She said "Oh yes, much better but that stuff I drank is now making my stomach feel sick!!" Sorry, but the drama had to stop there...and it did:-)

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