Friday, February 3, 2012


Every night Adalyn comes to our room after she's been put to bed, knocks on the door, peeks her head in, and with her tiny little voice says "Ummm"....and proceeds to give us her excuse as to why she is out of her bed . As usual, the procedure happened tonight and as usual it was something different from last night...except tonight's excuse was REALLY FUNNY!

Tonight her excuse for getting out of bed was.....drumroooollll...."My feet are sticking out from under my covers"....hahahahaha! We both busted out laughing and are currently still laughing:-) We both agreed that tonight was the best one she's given us yet and she's been doing this every night for the last 3.5 years. It has been a completely different excuse every night, but tonight's was downright hilarious! She said it completely straight-faced and she honestly believes she needs help with something every night! She most certainly adds to our evenings:-)


  1. Crazy girl! I feel for you on the getting out of bed thing. I'm not sure if I should be excited that Kaylah stayed dry during her nap today or sad that she has figured out she now has an excuse to get up! She got up 5 times just during nap time "to go potty". Ah, kids! They are so funny! I think God knows we need a little humor every now and then so we don't end up wringing their necks!

  2. This is just too cute and I can even hear her saying something like this! :)


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