Friday, November 16, 2012

October/November Happenings

Here's some family things that we've done over the last 6 weeks or so!

My big 20 month old playing outside!

Yes, I'm homeschooled! Can't you tell?

Loves his hat as much as his yellow boots!

Took a little time off while Daddy was changing jobs to take a couple of days to enjoy the fall beauty in Asheville NC!

My sweet husband and I enjoying our favorite spot....Cades Cove TN

Since it was my birthday, my husband took me to a riding stable and we got to take an hour ride through the mountains...gorgeous and SO much fun!

My flowers for my birthday:-)

Some of my nephews and nieces came over to play for a day and we had so much fun!

Audrey playing with Baby E :-)

Eating lunch and listening to Audrey read a story!

Baby E...he's so sweet:-)

Audrey's first try at homemade biscuits from scratch! I think somebody tested one...can you tell?;-) These turned out so good that I have officially relinquished the biscuit making to her! They turn out perfect every time she makes them! I'm so proud of her for learning this skill!

Adalyn lost her first front tooth and she is very proud of it:-) And yes, this is her everyday winter wear. I think she has her seasons mixed up. This morning she and Audrey went outside to practice their fire building skills in 25 degree weather, and this is what she wore with her cowboy boots and a jacket. That's it! She said she wasn't cold, so I let her go out:-) I think she takes after a certain sister of mine....I seem to remember someone going out in the snow in shorts, no socks, boots, and a coat....(I won't tell who it was, Rose...;-)   

We're getting things started for preparing for our Thanksgiving Day tradition that we started last year and we're looking forwards to ministering to the folks in the Ronald McDonald house again. We enjoyed being able to reach out and be a blessing to those who where there last year, and we can't wait to do it again! I've got 144 dinner rolls, a casserole, pies, and such to get ready between now and Wednesday, but it is a lot of fun and we enjoy being able to spend our time doing something for someone who cannot do for us in return! Have a great week and I'll put pictures up next weekend of our Thanksgiving and time with family!