Friday, November 25, 2011

November Family Fun and Blessings

My goodness, it doesn't seem like November should be ending and December beginning, BUT it is happening and what a wonderful month November has been! 

We started off the month with a family getaway to Gatlinburg TN where we enjoyed the company of Emily, Brannon, Harrison and Silas, Rose, Grandmom, Mom, and Dad. It was so fun having the littles all around and the cousins got along famously! Here are a few shots of the week's fun:-)

Another highlight of the month was having JD and Kaylah over to "help" decorate cookies for Thanksgiving:-) This is something that I do every year with my girls and whichever of the nieces and nephews that can come. Kaylah was NOT interested in anything but eating a cookie, but JD...well, he REALLY got into the icing thing...

This year we felt like the Lord wanted us to do something different for Thanksgiving. We have all year to be "full and thankful" for the Lord's blessings upon our lives because He daily loadeth us with benefits and we wanted to "pour out" instead of "fill up" this Thanksgiving day. Through a friend of mine, we found out about the Ronald McDonald house in Winston-Salem and their need of food for the residents there who did not have a place to go. We excitedly volunteered to make all the bread needed for the day and then got busy! 250 rolls later, I finished, bagged, and loaded them up to make the 2.5 hour drive. What a wonderful day we had! It was busy, but at the end of the day, there was not that "I'm so full-draggy-pooped out-can't wait to go to bed-feeling" that normally accompanies the day. Instead, we were full. Full of the joy that comes from serving others and our Lord! 
There was SOOO much food! I've never seen so much food donated and the people who showed up to organize and cook were amazing! One of the ladies who made several cakes and stayed all day to help was supposed to be on bedrest...instead, she spent her day serving others and I believe the Lord will bless her in a special way for her sacrifices. 
We enjoyed our time of fellowship with "old" friends, Deneen (Mulvaine) Bryan, her husband Steve, and six children.  Addy and Emma hit it off right away and we hardly saw them all! I did not get as many pictures as Deneen did, but it was SO good catching up on 18 years;-) with her and her family. Many memories were shared throughout the day and our girls made new friends and enjoyed a different day of Thanks-giving! 

 Such a wonderful day! We feel so blessed that the Lord allowed us this opportunity and we look forwards to making it our new Thanksgiving tradition!

Tonight is Handel's Messiah at ABC and a perfect way to end this special November month and begin the month that celebrates the birth of our Saviour and reminds us of all that we have in Christ! Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas Season!

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