Thursday, December 8, 2011

Someone special is 9 months old today!

Today is another special milestone for us - 9 months! 9 months ago today, our littlest man entered the world with much fanfare and! Though I would not want to EVER go and repeat the events of that day EVER again, I wouldn't trade them for anything.  He's our special baby and we love him to death! Forever thankful that the Lord spared his life and has given us 9 wonderful months with him!

He is a busy baby that is trying to cut two more teeth, to bring him to a total of 8! has been interesting the last few weeks to say the least! He says "Mama" all the time, laughs hysterically at the girls whenever they're around, LOVES the piano, LOVES being outside, and yes, has a hissy fit if you don't take him out when he wants to go out;-) 
He is finally sleeping through the night most nights that his teeth aren't bothering him, so we're starting to feel more "normal" **as if parents EVER feel normal their entire life;-)** Now that I've said that, he'll go and switch things up on me and I'll be going crazy again!! lol!
Love his sweet chubby cheeks, slobbery kisses, and scrumptious little baby feet like crazy, so it makes up for all the other not-so-fun things that take place within the first year. Can't imagine my life without him and cannot thank the Lord enough for letting me keep him with me just a little while longer:-)

He's the happiest when he can see outside or be outside:-)

See all my teethies?

wearing his "Baby's first Christmas" bib from his Aunt Cissy!


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  1. Every time I see Caleb, I am reminded of the miracle that he is! God is so good. He is so sweet and so cute and so adorable! Hard to believe that nine months has gone by already.


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