Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello America!!!


Brazil has already made this come to pass...are we next? We must stand for our God-given rights of parenting and educating our children. If we don't, what will there be for them and the next generation?

How easy it has been for us to become complacent and "head in the sand"ish in this country of plenty. We've had little inconvenience, little persecution (unless you truly speak the Truth boldly outside of your Church building),  very little social pressure and so we've adopted the same attitude that so many German Jews had in World War I and II. After all, they had been there for generations. They were prominent in their communities. They owned and managed companies and businesses. They, in some cases, intermarried outside of their religion. They were well-known and respected. Surely, Germany would not commit such atrocities against those that loved her? Goverments without God as their Supreme Leader do not love the people that serve it....they hate them. They seek to oppress and deprive. They will spend their life's blood seeking to enslave those that oppose them in any way, even if that opposition comes with an attitude of helping one to see where they err so that grave mistakes would not be made. To them, opposition in ANY FORM must be stamped out. What better way to gain full control of the people than to strip them of their rights to parent their children. Parents will do anything to gain access to their children. They will compromise, bend, and even break just so that their child can still be allowed to call them "Mom and Dad".

We must let them know that Parental Rights are not man made, but God-given. No human has the power to terminate that relationship. While we still have the freedom to open our mouths, let us do so that we may say, whatever the outcome, that we spoke for Truth and that we did not have a "Que Serra Serra...whatever will be will be" attitude. Our Lord is coming, that we know, but until He does we must stand for Truth, Righteousness, and Justice.

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  1. I wish more people read your blog because it's so true. Good posting, Lauren! :)


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