Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Caleb is sitting up!..well, a little anyways

The day that we thought would never get here has finally gotten here, and now, I wish in some ways that it wasn't here yet. **any mommy's out there have this same feeling?**sigh**:-)

Today, our littlest guy started sitting up on his own. Now, he's a week away from being 8 months and has been a little slower at this than his sisters, but he's at least giving it a pretty good shot! Audrey has been very good at working with him on developing his muscle strength everyday and she has been a big help with that!

He and Adalyn had a fun morning playing with the farm and animals in his room and I got some very sweet pictures:-)

Playing with his sissy!

Playing "superman"...don't want to crawl...just want to fly!

Doesn't this smile just melt your heart?

I'm not sure why the expressions are so conflicting in this picture...hmmm...seems kinda suspicious

Two peas in a pod...nuts....pure nuts!!

He is really starting to enjoy Adalyn long as she does not frantically rub his!

Playing with his tractor

He thinks he's big stuff now....well, not too big for Mommy still:-)

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