Thursday, October 27, 2011


You know how some things seem to always be a work in progress? Well, this week I finally finished my living room....for now;-) Here's the shot I took when we looked at the house before buying...   
 Here's the living room as of this week...I have all my fall colors out now, but after Christmas I will put up new curtains and do red blue green and tan in the accent pillows and neutral curtains. The cornice is coming down since I need to finish painting the upper part of the windows and I am NOT trying to put that thing back up!! lol!

The neat thing about the before and after pictures is that everything, other than the couch, in the living room was either given to us, bought at consignment, or bought off Craigslist. We laughingly say that every piece of furniture we have has it's own "gotcha day" story...:-) Some are definitely unique! BTW, my couch is not cherry red...the camera ALWAYS makes it look like that! 

Next week I hope to have pictures up of my redone bedroom! Still have to hang trim and curtains:-) Now, maybe I can convince someone who has a green thumb to PLEASE come do  my flowerbeds...I have no imagination when it comes to plants. All I know is that they had better be the most hardy of their kind because they will have to learn to live through drought, extreme full sun heat all day everday, and overly helpful nephews who get a hold of the mini hoe's and think that they need to help "weed" Aunt Lauren's flowerbeds...hahaha!


  1. WHAT? You mean you haven't asked mom yet to do your flower beds? Pshaw.

  2. weeellll...we keep meaning to get around to putting something out there, but now that it's cooler I may get to that this week:-)


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