Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Small Miracles

Just a quick little "happiness" to share....7 years ago when my parents sold their house in TN, they left behind a beautiful old refinished mantel that had been in my Mom's family for who knows how long! I remember the long hot summer my Mom spent in the basement of our house, stripping and refinishing the mantel.:-) It was a happy day when it was finally finished! Ever since then, my sisters and I have been trying to get that mantel back for our Mom. After numerous attempts over the last 7 years, I finally got the person I've been trying to reach for so long to answer the phone and I heard these happy words, "Yes, I still have the mantel". 
You see, the house had already been sold again, but this person took the mantel with them. When he and I finally made contact it was only two days before he and his family were to move out of state, the mantel going with them. 
To make a long story short, he sold me the mantel and my sister picked it up Sunday evening. My Dad will be going to TN to meet my sister on Saturday and by Sunday the mantel will be back with my Mom.

I know you're thinking...a mantel? what's the big deal?...you see, it's more than just a mantel. It represents the first house my parents had ever built and it was the nicest house they had ever had. My future husband (at the time:-) and I sat in front of that mantel and discussed our future. I brought my first child to visit her nana and papa when she was just a few weeks old and we took a picture in front of that mantel. That mantel is a reminder of some happy times that we all had before marriage, college, etc...started to move our family around. Now, we will be able to take a picture again, all of us together, in front of our mantel and remember the happy days of the past and look forwards to the happy days of the future!

The Lord worked a miracle in the story of the mantel and how we will enjoy being able to tell our children and grandchildren of how the Lord answered a 7 year request and gave my Mom her mantel back...just because He loves her and because He delights in His children! He rewards the faithful and gives us the desires of our hearts...yes, He even gives us temporal things at times just to remind us that He, as our Heavenly Father, doth delight in us as our Earthly Fathers do, and loves to give us things that make us happy! Isn't our Lord so good?!


  1. Um, so you told her already or are you trying to keep it a secret??

  2. Such a neat story! Love how the Lord cares about each and every thing in our lives. So happy for you and your mom!


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