Saturday, October 22, 2011

"No Thank You!"

This was Adalyn's response to being offered chewing gum last night from an individual who was buying something we had listed on Craigslist.  Her Daddy was bragging on her this morning and he said, "Adalyn, you did so well saying "no thank you" all by yourself. You really wanted that piece of gum didn't you?" Adalyn replied, "No, I didn't" ( you have to understand that this is a profound statement coming from my child who used to go around asking people for gum at church because she loved it so much:-) "You didn't", replied her Daddy. "Why not?"  At this moment, all our training in the area of making wise food choices just came to light at her next statement..." I didn't want it because I know what's in it"

YES! They can be taught to make the right choices If you repeat the truth loud enough and long enough, children will take the truth and  make it their own.


  1. I laughed so hard after reading her last reply! :) Congrats on getting her to make the right choice.

  2. She never even asks me any more. :)


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