Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Natural vs. Conventional

Natural vs. Conventional.

Pretty straightforward? Makes sense, right?

Well, most people think so until a real emergency arises and then natural gets thrown out the window for this....


Why does that happen? Their inner spirit tells them that this circumstance can be fixed following natural remedies too, but they chose to run to the "doctor" for his words of "safety". I said it above....fear. Is dealing with a health issue fearful? Yes, it is. Has God given us the spirit of fear? No. Then why is it that we run to man's medicine seeking peace from our fear? Human flesh:-)

The true test of commitment to God's way of healing reveals itself when a health issue arises. You're faced with a decision. Do I run to the Doctor when I already know what he'll do (shot, antibiotic, drugs) or do I research and change my lifestyle? 

Well, this past week I had one of those "revealing" moments:-) I have NO idea why these things happen except I guess God wants me to pass these "learning moments" on to you to give you the strength to make decisions for yourself about your own health. 

A couple of weeks ago I got a split on my ankle bone. The skin there had been unusually dry for some reason and the skin split...obviously. I kept Coconut oil on it to keep the elasticity and just pretty much left it alone. This past Wednesday morning, I got up, put my feet on the floor and this is what I had....

As you can see in this picture (taken with my husbands phone so it's not too great, but you get the idea:-) my right ankle is obviously in trouble:-) I don't know if you can see the red or not, but it was bright red halfway down my foot, around the back of my foot, my arch, and above my sockline. It was also 3-4 times the size of my other foot/ankle. I'm not sure what set this off, maybe an infectious mosquito bite on the area? I had gotten a few around there a few days prior to this. Maybe a spider bite in the night? Don't know for sure, but one thing was for sure, I had gotten a poison in my bloodstream.

I was not feeling very well that day, nor had I been feeling well for three days prior to this either. I had been taking bentonite clay so I think that was a plus for me at this point. I think it stemmed the spread of the infection internally due to the fact that the clay was already in my system doing it's job.

So, what did I do? I can tell you this much, I DID NOT GO TO THE DOCTOR. Even my natural-approach-to-everything husband wanted to take me in, but I said no. I knew what to do. I do my research, I keep things on hand for emergencies. I knew that the Doctor would only give antibiotics and those wouldn't help. Oh, they might kill off some of the bacteria, but they would do more harm than good and make me susceptible to other infections and diseases because of the stress they would put on my system. NO THANKS!

So, on to the stove went the pot of water. I boiled it to remove any chance of any bacteria in the water, cooled it down, poured in the epsom salt and plantain herb and started soaking. I soaked for 20 minutes, dried off the foot, packed it in bentonite clay paste, let it dry, repeated the process again. I did this several times on Wednesday on into the night Wed. night. Before bed I put raw yogurt on gauze and wrapped it up, iced it down for 20 min. then went to bed with the yogurt still on it. I kept repeating this process several times over the next three days. Saturday I did something different. I chopped up garlic and onion, sauteed it to get it hot, wrapped it in gauze and put it on! OUCH! Garlic and onions have a way of stinging when they get in opened skin...HAHAHA! They might sting, but oh the power punch those little things have!!!

After the garlic and onion episode, the red began to fade away rapidly. Today the swelling is almost normal and the soreness is limited to just the ankle bone and my tendon.

I got bit and I got bit by something very poisonous. It was extremely, extremely painful. I could liken it to a very bad sprain. Any movement was excruciating....kinda hard to deal with that when you have kids to take care of:-) but never say "I can't!", right?:-)

Point is this....natural remedies work. You don't have to have a shot for infection, antibiotics, or drugs to take care of things. YOU have to be educated, YOU have to know your body, YOU have to know food and how it works in the body, and YOU have to take responsibility for the body God gave YOU.  Doctors have their place....they sew back on what gets cut off, they set bones that are broken (they can't seem to tell if they're dislocated very well...lol) they can see down to your eardrum and confirm what you already knew...my ear is clogged up! and then flush it out with hot water for you, then show you how to do it so you can do it for yourself next time....they have their place. They are there for the "telling", you must do the "fixing".  99% of health problems are due to one thing....diet and lifestyle. The other 1% deals with bug bites, open wounds, and broken bones.

The important thing is this, get educated! You can know your body and you can take care of it! God designed it and He would not have put a brain on it that was incapable of knowing how to take care of the rest of it. You just have to get rid of fear. Don't be afraid! God has given power and a sound mind. Just trust His way!

Here's a list of things that I keep on hand for medical emergencies at all times....
  1. Bentonite Clay - acts like a porous sponge in the intestines, trapping bacteria and pulling it out of the body. Great for internal and external use.
  2. Diatomaceous Earth - fossil shell flour that is cone shaped and razor sharp. Great for parasites and intestinal worms. Also a GREAT source of Silica for hair, skin, and nail health.
  3. Activated Charcoal powder - wouldn't be without this! This is what the Emergency room charges $$$ for when you have food poisoning.
  4. Dried elderberries - fights flu and speeds the healing of coughs.
  5. Catnip - great fever reducer in children. Relaxes them so their body can fight the illness.
  6. Raw yogurt - this is ALWAYS in the fridge. Taken internally every day, but can be used topically to fight infection in open wounds
  7. Raw honey - when applied to open wounds the healthy bacteria in the honey kills off the bad bacteria to end the spread of the infection.
  8. Garlic and onions - used topically and internally. I also cut these up and put in a stainless steel bowl to float in a crock pot of water in my kids rooms when they get a cough or have congestion. Opens the airways to enable good breathing and yet are like porous sponges to bacteria floating in the air. They will absorb bacteria to keep it from floating from person to person through coughing. 
  9. Mustard seed powder - for the emergency of severe congestion. Can be made into a poultice and applied in clean cloths to the chest to enable breathing.
 10. Wintergreen oil or Eucalyptus oil. Dab a drop under each nostril to open airways, put a few drops in coconut oil and smear on the chest and back, or put several drops on a washcloth and insert into a pillowcase for congestion relief. I use this with my kids (especially baby man) all the time and have even used it for myself a couple of times I have felt a little "stuffed up".
  11. Plantain - excellent dried or fresh for any poisonous bite. Can be applied in poultice form or can be made into a paste from the fresh leaves and applied.
  12. Comfrey - for severe sprains, broken bones, severe bruising. Use only topically.

Going the natural, minimal doctor-use way requires one to be educated and prepared. You cannot say, "we try to be healthy" or "we try to not use medicine" and not be prepared. You'll end up going the conventional way because you haven't prepared to do the opposite. Don't plan to fail, plan to succeed!

*Disclaimer- nothing in this article is intended to diagnose or treat your particular problem. You must assume all responsibility for the information given and seek your own medical advice when needed*

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