Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day 2012 fun!

Here's what we did to celebrate Labor Day...
The Kings Soldier...I have NO idea why Stephen is making that face?? lol!

The Revolutionary Housewife

The Blacksmith

He has his stick! Watch out!!

The Doctor

touring the museum

Can you believe she's in first grade this year?

My dirty, sweaty, sticky little boy who just had a ball being that way!

Kings Mountain State Park was having a Militia Encampment Outdoor setup and we went! It was fun! It was neat for the girls to get to see "hand's on" some of how things worked back in the Revolutionary War Period. They will be studying this period this year during History, so this was a great way to get it started!
Caleb had a ball running around, digging in the dirt with his stick, and playing with everyone's dogs:-) He LOVES puppies!
We enjoyed having the girls friend, Kylie, with us that day! After we left the Encampment area, we went over the park and lake and let them play a while. It was SOOO hot and muggy, but they didn't care:-)

We had a great time together and it was fun to do something fun that was free! We are looking forwards to October and their Fall Festival:-) On a side note, if you would like to attend a fun fall festival  this year and you live in the NC Rutherfordton, Cleveland County area, head over to Green Creek NC for their Fall Festival this coming Saturday, September 8th! http://www.lasr.net/travel/city.php?NC+tryon+green-creek-heritage-festival&TravelTo=NC0217005&VE=Y&EventCategory=&Event_ID=NC0217005e001#.UEZAj5aQmSA

I am SO very happy that Fall is just around the corner! I've always said that I was terribly lucky to have been born in my favorite month - OCTOBER! Now, I'm NOT going to tell you how "old"I will be this October, but nevertheless, it is still my most favoritest ( I know that's not proper English...) month of the year! Maybe because the days are still somewhat warm, and the nights are PERFECT for cookouts and camping!

Speaking of camping, I get to go this year! My husband and I are taking a two night jaunt to the beautiful mountains in Cades Cove TN to camp! This will be our first trip away together in two years and we are super super excited! Camping is so cheap, but the experience of being in the Smoky Mountains is always priceless! I am very very very very (can you tell I'm excited!) about our little getaway...yeehaw! We're going to do some hiking to Abrahms Falls, tour the Loop Trail in Cades Cove and actually get to stop at all the stops we want too...lol!, read books, and cook our food over our campfire, watch the sun go down over the mountains, and probably freeze half to death doing it!!! hahahahah!!! Oh well, we don't care:-) Life would be boring if you didn't sweat half of it and freeze the other half, right? *smile*

Have a happy week and Happy "almost Fall" Month!

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