Friday, October 5, 2012

September/October happenings

It is so hard to believe that September is gone and October is here! Now that my favorite month of the ENTIRE year is finally here, I've been busy with WeeRuns for the kids clothing, organizing for the winter, planning weekend activities, and such. Here are some pictures of what all has been happening!
My Big boy!

Getting ready for the campfire!

Busy watching the fire! Don't worry, Caleb has been sufficiently trained on not touching "HOT!"

So handsome in my yellow boots:-)

Tents are set up and we're waiting to roast the homemade marshmallows!

Such a studious child I have....

Sweet sibling love:-)

Hanging out while Audrey takes pictures!

Good grief! He just has to have his finger where it doesn't belong!!

Kaylah's 3rd birthday cake...didn't have the writing on it yet, but it was fun to make!

I have discovered the "love" of homemade fondant! It's the best!

JD's 5th birthday cake!!! I made several "baseball" cupcakes that went along with this. All in all, the cakes turned out super yummy thanks to the rapadura that Pastor Deatrick brought back from Brazil this summer!

I'm sure you're wondering "why in the world did she put a picture of suitcases on here?"

The story behind these suitcases is pretty amazing:-) A couple of years ago someone needed to borrow our suitcase. We always let people borrow with the mindset that we don't expect it back....ever. In this case, they needed to just keep it to help make their life easier at the time! Well, that meant we were down to one 15 year old suitcase of mine that wasn't big enough to really hold all our stuff when we travel, but we just made do! Last night we took the kids out to do some shopping with the money I made from Weeruns, and we decided to stop in at Value Village in Gastonia. You just never know what you'll find there:-) Well, obviously someone had bought these suitcases and decided they didn't want them because theses cases ALL had original tags on them and paperwork inside them!!!! All three together retailed for $400!!!! and we bought them for only $30.00...ALL TOGETHER....FINAL PRICE!!!  Isn't that amazing! It is true that when you give, God ALWAYS gives back to you more than what you gave. You don't always know the time frame, but He always gives it right when you need it! Now, Audrey and Adalyn have a large suitcase, we have one, and we got a garmet bag to boot!

Tomorrow is the Columbus NC Farm Festival so we'll be taking lots  more pictures, so stay tuned!!! It's going to be a super fun day tomorrow and I know the kids will just have a blast! Wish our family could be here to enjoy the day with us!

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