Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer "Anti Procrastination" Project Completions!

My sister in law over at, has had some super ideas on anti procrastination this summer! I've been taking her advice and getting some things done around here that I have been putting off for way too long!

The Whiteboard Easel my husband built and I painted! He did a super job!

I was able to get some awesome blue Krylon paint from Mighty Dollar for a $1...LOVE THAT!

Finished hanging the school shelf and got all the supplies organized!

Got my window shelf painted and hung and made new cafe curtains from repurposed fabric

Redid my kitchen countertops and absolutely love them! You can't see the dirt!!! YAY!

Spray painted my old wire basket in a neat "Avocado" color paint by Krylon...paid $1 for that too!! Don't the green apples look awesome in this?:-)

My World market curtains for the back hallway and living room that I got for a song on Ebay!

Do the colors not just make you happy??? They do me! I love happy curtains:-)

Finished making my "sheet" curtains for the kitchen windows. I could NOT justify spending over $150 on blinds for these three windows!!! They are odd sizes and the roller shades just don't hold up under the wear and tear on these windows. I've already been through $70 worth of roller shades the last 4 years.

Still need two more flat twin sheets to add the the one on each of the smaller windows, but we're getting there!

My very busy husband has also been working very hard the last couple of weeks building shelves out of repurposed wood in the garage for storage. When we're all done out there, I'll show you that as well! A big thank you to my sister in law who inspired me to just, as we say it where I come from, "GIT ER' DONE!"
She has a wonderful blog that you should check out for all kinds of neat ideas for the home, homeschooling, and such! Thanks ME!!

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  1. Your home is beautiful and I love all the creative ideas that you have.


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