Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday's the day - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Is it REALLY that time of year again? *smiling, smiling*

It is hard to believe that Monday will be September 3rd and it will be our first day back to homeschooling. This year Adalyn will be in 1st grade and Audrey will be in 6th....yikes! Since when did I get old enough to be homeschooling a 6th grader??? :-)

Our school corner:-)

Our reminder to always have "JOY" in everything we do!

My reminder that each moment is precious!

 The kitchen table will be our school desk this year since I have been able to find three subjects that I can do with both girls together....NICE! They will be using the same curriculums for Bible, History, and Handwriting.
Audrey will still be doing Science and Language arts with Switched on Schoolhouse and Adalyn will be using BJU Grade 1 for all her other subjects. Both girls will be taking piano lessons from Mom this year again as well. And where does Caleb fit in all this....well, he makes his presence known without a school curriculum quite! He'll be right there in the middle of it all, tearing up toilet paper, pulling out all the tupperware again and again and again, dismantling all the videos and dvd's that he can get his hands on, and emptying the entire contents of his toy box all over the house! Yep, that's what he'll be doing this year! lol!

Caleb has finally decided that reading books is a good thing and that truly reading a book takes longer than 30 seconds:-),  so I'm hoping to find him some more good books at WeeRuns this year to help him stay occupied during the morning time while we do school. He likes the vintage Thomas the Tank Engine, but he only watches it to hear the opening song and then he doesn't care a lick about it! It is going to be an interesting year for sure, but I think it will be a good one! There are many changes that will be taking place this year in schooling and such so it will be a busy year! We'll just take each day as it comes and remember that on the hard days "this too shall pass":-)  And it does....all too quickly:-)


  1. Fun, fun! I'm sure Caleb will find himself plenty to do to stay busy! And you'll definitely have your hands full! Enjoy your school year!

  2. Do you have any sing along music videos? Caleb would probably love those. I remember when Kylie used to watch one over and over. Looks like a fun busy year for you!

  3. I hadn't thought of sing-a-long tapes...he might really like those! I'm going to ask Mom to switch out toys with me periodically during the year as well to give him more variety.:-)


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