Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Over the Hills and Through the Woods...

Oh wow...what a busy day!! I awoke this morning to a darling little face staring at me from a picture on my phone...yes sir, little Ethan Jeremiah Bream was born Tuesday night at 10:58 pm weighing 6 lbs 10 oz. and is 20 inches long! He is such a cute little man and reminds me so much of my sweet JD when he was born. Hard to believe that JD will be 4 in just a few weeks! YIKES!

After a sweet visit to little Ethan, we packed up and headed to the beautiful foothills where we visited the Carl Sandburg home.  This is a really neat place to visit and if you have the time to take the house tour (Caleb wasn't too happy at this point and we didn't want him spitting all over the carpet in the house...don't think that would have gone over too!) which is in the exact same state as it was the day Mr. Sandburg died. Nothing has been moved in all these years!

After buying a book in the book shop, we headed down the lane to the Goat yard to visit the goats. Mr. Sandburg had a goat dairy and it is still in operation. The girls loved getting to see some new baby goats and they were pretty cute!

Since we were running short on time, we cut our visit a little shorter than planned and headed over to the Dish Barn to let the girls pick out something fun! Audrey got jewelry and Adalyn got herself another least this one doesn't require batteries because we won't let her have anymore of those! She burns those things up in one day and batteries aren't cheap! This one has to be "primed" by squeezing a little handle several times before the light comes on. The noise of the little primer being squeezed is a tad annoying, but hey, no more burned out batteries! :-)

All in all, this turned out to be a very fun day and we were thankful to have had the opportunity to spend it together! We have so enjoyed our week together as it is the first time since Caleb was born that we've had time to be together as a family without other distractions. We are looking forwards to tomorrow and all that the day holds for us!  

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