Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School

Today was our first day of a new school year. Audrey is in 5th grade and using Switched on Schoolhouse again (absolutely love this program for her) and Adalyn is in K5 using Bob Jones. The first day went very well considering that Caleb decided to stay awake after his 6:00 am feed...and currently has only slept 3 hours total since that time:-) AAAHHH!!! Homeschooling with a 5 month old is definitely different...well, a juggling act to be precise...BUT, it went well considering:-)

We just got back Audrey's achievement test results and were happy to see her ranking Average to Above Average in every subject this year! She did well despite the fact that we had a weird last three months of school due to pregnancy complications, preemie birth and hospital stay right when we were hitting on some important info in school.  Those were some crazy days after the hospital stay as the girls and I tried to get back into somewhat of a normal schedule two days after we got home...! Our girl pressed on and we're proud of her:-)

Adalyn completely enjoyed her first day of school. She had a hard time going to bed last night because she was sooo excited about today. She kept coming into our room to tell us something else about her starting Kindergarten for quite some time after she had been put to bed.  I love watching my children get excited about the possibility of new things and new experiences...precious childhood days:-)

Caleb isn't starting school yet (THANK GOODNESS:-), but he contributed his two cents worth anyways:-) He sat in Daddy's lap this morning while Daddy and the girls had Bible time **at dark 6:30 am** until his antics were too distracting for the girls.  Mommy let him "help" her make beds and fix Daddy's lunch and then he sat in his bumbo until it was time to have a "snack" and take a nap:-) 

I am thankful that the Lord has allowed us to begin another year of home educating our children. It is something that we do not take for granted, nor do we take it lightly. We see it as our opportunity to teach and train future servants for the Lord's * future homemakers and a future husband!*  We are also so grateful to a special lady who sent our girls a special amount of money to go towards all their school supplies. What a blessing that was! The girls enjoyed getting to go to the Education store in Gaffney and choose some neat things to help them in their schooling endeavors. 

We have Opening Revival tonight at ABC so I must be off to get things ready for that, but before I go, here's some sweet faces to brighten your day as they do mine EVERYDAY!

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