Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Ole' Summertime

As a kid I always loved summertime:-) I loved waking up to the sounds of the whippoorwills' and doves' cooing outside our attic bedroom window, the smell of the soft summer breeze, the rooster crowing in the chicken house, and fresh hand cranked ice cream. My Dad probably didn't like it as much as we girls did, but he enjoyed it because we enjoyed it! Now that I'm older with kids of my own, I still love to have the summertime ice cream, BUT don't like the fact that it's full of chemicals, preservatives, "natural flavors" (msg and aspartame) etc... SO, I decided to create my own "ice cream" that I could make in a blender in about five minutes  **sure beats the 45 minutes of hand cranking;-)" that not only would taste absolutely heavenly but would be perfectly and completely good for me and my kids!

Here's how I did it....I took my blender and filled it 3/4 of the way full of frozen banana pieces.

Then I added enough milk to fill the blender about 2/3 full ( you might have to add a little milk after you blended some if it's too thick for your blender...I have to because I don't have a Vitamix and  **secretly hope my husband will get me one**)

I sprinkled in about 3 TB of Raw Cacao powder and 1/4 cup Local Raw honey.

Blend well until smooth and creamy! Pour into a frosted mug or pour into popsicle makers and freeze until firm for a sweet and healthy treat for your kids...Enjoy!

**side note...if you like Wendy's Frosties then you will love this recipe! Taste just like it except it's made out of real ingredients!**

For all of us Money-Saving Mom's, you can get any cheaper than this! I used about $1.25 worth of real milk, $1.50 worth of bananas, $0.75 worth of Cacao powder, and $0.50 worth of raw honey...I made 12 popsicles and the girls drank 4 oz. of it each and I drank 6 oz. from this batch...comes out to a total of $3.50!! Now, that's a deal!!

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