Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Trip to Pickwick Dam 2013 Part 1

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege as a family to go to Savannah TN and visit Pickwick, Shiloh National Military Park, and The Cherry Mansion. This part of TN holds so much Civil War History and although I've been there more times than I can count (this part of the country is my Dad's Stompin' ground), I enjoyed it more than ever this year! I'm hoping we can go back again and do some more of what we didn't get to this trip!  Enjoy the pictures!

TN River Museum Fossil Dig exhibit

Harrison and Addy posing with some Early Settlers'...they were a bit hesitant because the figures looked so real :-)


Bridge crossing over the TN River right in front of the Cherry Mansion

The Cherry Mansion

Serious Civil War Talk going on here :-)
Another view of the Cherry Mansion. It was built in the late 1830's early 1840's? and everything you see is exactly what you would have seen if you had been General Grant :-) Eerie thought, isn't it ?:-)

Swimming in the lake...exact spot that my sisters and I swam at when we were Addy's age :-)

Dad in his element :-)

Si-man watching the ducks
Beginning our Tour of Shiloh National Military Park....with the man himself:-)

Caleb and Silas thought they were in heaven with all the "climbing blocks"...don't worry, we snapped a picture and then promptly removed dishonor was intended :-)

Pittsburgh Landing

Caleb and "Mimi" hanging out in the shade

A view looking towards the Hornets Nest that ran along the Sunken Road
Caleb and Silas checking the cannon's out

I will post part two of our trip tomorrow!

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