Thursday, June 13, 2013

Organic and Natural Summer Body Care Recipes Part 3

Coconut oil: natures natural sunscreen

As the days of "basking in the sun" are now here, many people run to their local grocery store and wipe the shelves clean of all kinds of "sunblocks, sunscreens, and sun enhancers ...tanning lotion:-)". I used to use regular sunscreen until I began to do some research and I came across this and many more like it. I encourage you to do some reading on your own and consider just what it is that you are slathering all over yourself.

Anyways, I began looking for alternatives and I came across several articles about using raw coconut oil coupled with, as always, a healthy diet. The skin is our body's largest organ and it's protection and health come from the inside out. How your skin reacts to it's environment is an indicator of the health of your insides.

Vitamin D is a necessary vitamin for our mental and physical well being. The best form of Vitamin D is sunlight and it has to enter the body through the skin and eyes. The typical individual when venturing into the sun does the "protect your body from skin cancer thingy" and number one, slathers their body from head to toe with cancer causing sunscreens, and number two, slaps on a pair of sunglasses. Whala! 98% protection from the sun = extreme Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D cannot be obtained through store dairy products either. Read more on that here.

Here's what I do with my family.....

1. We are not out in the sun much between the hours of 10am-2pm because of higher uva rays.

2. We have an extremely healthy diet, complete with raw milks, meats, vegetables, fruits, and herbal teas to promote a healthy skin that can withstand sun rays with no burning

3. I slather my kids in Raw Coconut Oil 10 minutes before they go outside and repeat a slathering every 1.5-2 hours... more or less especially if they are swimming :-)

4. If we are not swimming, we put on coconut oil and ball caps to shade our heads and faces. Nobody wears sunglasses :-)

If you would like to have a more portable and easier to apply sunscreen, then check out this recipe over at Frugally Sustainable ! Most everything you need for anything DIY you can get at Amazon...I buy lots of things there that are not readily accessible  to me due to the fact that I live in a small town that is an hour or more away from!

Stay tuned tomorrow for "Bug Bite Remedies and Natural Insect Repellants". Here's a challenge for you today to prepare you for tomorrow's post....look up and read about the dangers of using "Deet" and why it should never be something you have in your house, much less use on your body!

So enjoy this beautiful "Sun-shiney" Day and be glad that now you know how to get the most from God's gift of Sunshine without getting burned ! This is the DAY which the Lord hath  made, we (I) will rejoice and be GLAD in it! Psalms 118:23 **insert is mine**

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