Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 2013 happenings

My goodness....I've been away awhile! :-) Things have been so busy, but I've been using my camera and now I can share what's been happening in our family these past weeks!
I was privileged to be able to decorate for the Going Away Fellowship for the Boylston Family at MBC

My bamboo candle holders...SOOOO cute!

Adalyn followed the Lord in Believers Baptism

We took the kids to a hotel for an overnight trip and let them swim in an indoor pool...Caleb got to try out his "swimsuit"!

My big girl!

My "bigger" girl! lol!
We've begun potty training! **he's not too keen on it yet** :-)

Some of the cousins came over this month for a play/swim they are taking a break to enjoy some yummy chocolate yogurt popsicles!

Me and my honey took a little two day trip over to the Gatlinburg/Cades Cove are of the Smokies...Happy 13th Anniversary to US!

We take this same shot nearly every year we've gone so I have about 6-7 of these :-)

The weekend we went (late May) turned out to be FREEZING! So glad I brought my hoodie! lol! Though I surely could have used some warm pants that day...oh well ;-)

So hard to believe that we've been together 14 years, married for 13 of those and have 5 children (two are with the Lord in Heaven but we still include them in our family!)

Memorial Day 2013....the three big girls...10,13, and 12...goodness :-)

Adalyn and Kade...the two "hoodlums" in our family! lol! Kade was just thrilled with this one :-)

The three little boys...Kole, Caleb, and Ethan

All the girls with the addition of a family friend :-)

All the cousins (except for the one who is due in November.....NOT MINE!!!!) lol!

The three babies....little Bream, little Taylor, and little Chicanteck...such cutie pies:-)

We've had a great Spring and start to the Summer and are now looking forwards to our family trip to Savannah TN here in the next few weeks. I've got a couple of new summer fresh recipes to share so stay tuned this week! Have a blessed day!

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