Saturday, August 11, 2012

17 months old!

Fun time with Aunt Rosie!

"helping" Papa eat his!

Watching the geese at Nana's!

Mess making at Nana's house

Eating like a big boy at the folding table:-)

My goodness, time is just flying by with Caleb! He tries something new every day that it's getting hard to keep up with it!

His favorite thing to do is find a long stick of some sort (or anything in that case that resembles a stick) and chase his sisters around the house while growling like a lion!

His favorite food still seems to be his milk and watermelon...he can REALLY put away some watermelon!

His favorite words are ones that start with a "B" sound...bird, ball, bike, "beat up my sister, beat up my sister, beat up my sister..."lol, book, bed, bear, and so forth.

He does NOT like to be tickled. Period.

His favorite thing to wear are his army crocs and he puts them on when he gets up (he does put one on by himself:-) and does not want them taken off until bed.

He likes to read books except that I have not been able to master the skill of speed reading a book in less than 10 seconds. Any longer than that and he's ready to read a different book!! Boys sure do have short attention spans;-)

He would live outside if we let him and likes to splash his hands in his kiddie pool. He does not mind his hands getting wet, but woe unto you if you put him all the way in!! He HATES it! Likes baths, hates the pool. Strange, but oh well, Caleb is Caleb:-)

What a joy he has been, yet he's been our most difficult. Still wouldn't trade him though! God has something very special for him and it will be exciting to see him become the man that God wants him to be!

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  1. Oh yes, what a precious boy! I prayed for a preacher boy from every family and I look forward to Caleb preaching the gospel one day, maybe not from an actual pulpit but in anyway God chooses! He will have such a wonderful testimony of the goodness of God. God is so good!


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