Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My baby is growing up so fast!

Poor kid...his sister was trying to help him choose which toy to play with...unfortunately for him, she thought he wanted them all! LOL!

His favorite place to stand!

Swinging with Mommy

All my "babies" :-) Three are technically mine, but I love the rest as if they were! Such sweet kiddos!

My other two "babies" (hardly, since one is as tall as her mother:-)

I find it so hard to believe that Caleb will be 14 mos. this coming Tuesday. Where did the time go? There are days that make life feel as if it is crawling along like a turtle crossing a road, but then there are others that make you feel like you're on the the Nascar Raceway! 

Knowing that he is only 10 mos. away from being two, really makes me feel like life is truly like a vapor. You puff and it's gone! I must hold on to and cherish each little moment with my children, for one day they will be gone and I will be left with my memories. Well, if the Lord tarries, I'll never have an empty house because I'll either have younger nieces and nephews over or I'll have grandchildren! That will be really fun! 

The above picture with all the kids in it was taken Sunday night before Mel and Jenny left with their family for Wisconsin. How I will miss making popcorn, chocolate chip cookies for the boys and playing games with all of them. They've only been gone three days and I already feel like it's been forever! *sniff, sniff* I will miss Kade's funny stories and jokes, Kole's insatiable appetite for anything I could fix him, Karrington's cheesy little grin and sweet hugs, Kylie's sweet spirit and helpful assistance with anything I needed, and Kennedy's flair for the dramatic and her goofy outtake on life!  Each one is so special and unique and we'll miss them so much! Life is truly flying by. Cherish each moment!

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