Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Columbus Farmers Market

My $3.00 worth of red and green leaf lettuce!

Everything I got that day except the meat! (the big bag of greens in the back of the picture I got with my Shelby Co-op box!!)

I tell you what, that lettuce is so good! I chopped up the two bunches I'm holding and used it to feed the entire Lockhart family on Sunday (16 people) and still have enough leftover for us to eat on one meal a day until Saturday. Now, how's that for a "bang for your buck"!! You CANNOT CANNOT do any better than that at even Aldi's! Plus, you're not eating an human excrement (sorry people, organic's included in that!) animal excrement, noxious chemicals and pesticides! Guess what, I only paid $3.00! FLAT RATE. No hidden costs, no sales tax, no extra gas costs...makes sense to me:-)

I think the drawback for a lot of people is having to get up out of the bed on Saturday and go pick it up. That's kinda hard, I know, but we jump out of the bed early for so many other things that are really not as important as feeding our families clean healthy food that doesn't break the bank. Also, there is the learning experience of eating seasonally. No, I don't eat tomatoes in March or April because they're not ready to harvest until July! You learn to eat what is growing and that's just what you eat! 

I wanted to also let you know that Brandon Higgins over at www.c-sawhill.com is now at the Shelby Farmers Market in Uptown Shelby every Saturday from 8-3 selling his meat, honey, and homemade soaps. Incredible meat! We love it! I am getting ready to put a 2.5 pound roast in the oven that is pure meat, hardly any fat at ALL! We'll eat on that roast all week and I'm so glad that I know who took care of the animal and if I have ANY questions about his products, he's always happy to answer them! That is VALUABLE! We were just out at his farm the other day and got to see some of his cows:-) The girls love going out there to visit with CJ (his little girl) and visit with the goats. Fun! He welcomes a visit most anytime and doesn't mind showing you around! Check out his site and that will give you an idea of what he has at the Market each week. You can't miss his tent! lol! IT'S LIME GREEN! The brightest one over there...lol! 

Also, my dear friend Sherri Greene from www.greenefamilyfarm.blogspot.com ,  and her crew are also at the Farmers Market in Shelby on Saturdays as well. She grows some of the most delicious salad greens you've ever tasted! She sells those, eggs, breads, and other baked goods through Farmers Fresh Market and also the Shelby Market. You can also give her a ring during the week if you need eggs and greens and were unable to go to the Markets, and she'll set you right up! They are living proof that you can farm in the city:-)

Speaking of farming in the city, my garden is popping right up! My black turtle beans are growing so quickly and even my corn is starting to really pick up in growth! I've even seen some herb sprouts starting to take off and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of my delicious blueberries and blackberries that are growing quite nicely:-) Maybe next week, everything will be up tall enough for you to really see it in pictures. So beautiful!

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