Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just a little tidbit

I just wanted to brag on my husband a little bit today:-) He's so special and I'm thankful for him. I don't say that enough to him or others, but I am truly grateful for him. Yesterday I had an "accident" with the lawnmower;-) Our mower turns sharper one direction than the other and I was trying to mow around some trees next to a steel fence and the direction I turned was the "not so sharp" direction...lol! Front end of the mower meets fence while knees meet the edges of the mower body = two very badly bruised knee caps. OH MY WORD. I've done it before, just not that bad...hahaha! I love to mow and with Caleb around I hardly ever get to! Well, anyways today was one of those "Caleb won't let go of my legs while crying incessantly" days on top of bruised knees that hurt to even be touched much less used to walk with...lol! I got the sweetest note from my husband encouraging me and sympathizing with me this afternoon. After that he called me up and said he was going to be home soon to pick the kids up and take them to go get dinner so I didn't have to fix it tonight! What a surprise! When he got here to get the kids, he pulled a Kombucha out of his lunch bag just for me! Those are my favorite and I love them! 

I'm thinking to myself...."hey, maybe I should wreck into that fence more often..."!!! LOL!! *just kidding;-)*

He was just so kind to me and I'm so thankful the Lord gave me such a special man and I don't know what I would do without him! He's the best!


  1. You sure have found yourself a mighty good man, Lauren! So glad your kneecaps are okay, along with the mower. I do have to ask: What is a kombucha? Sounds like some kind of weapon!

  2. Lol...I guess it kinda does, doesn't it?! Kombucha is a lacto-fermented drink using tea, a mushroom, sugar, and water. It's full of lactobacillius's and necessary nutrients for the digestive system. These are made by "G.T's Synergy and Kombucha" You can look them up online and most health food stores carry them. My favorite is the Passionberry and the Trilogy. I make them at home as well as my own vinegar...so good!

  3. That's my boy! (Just Kidding) You know he does come from Granny's family. hahahaha
    But I am thankful for the good families the Lord has given us. He is so good!
    My oh my, you sure have racked up on the injuries lately. Glad you are OK and that is was not anything worse.


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