Thursday, December 15, 2011

A special answer to prayer

Yesterday I received some very good news! Three years ago this coming February, I was in a car accident that totaled my vehicle and left me with three+ years of rehab. The day we came home from the hospital with Caleb, I received a summons to appear in court as I was being sued by the Insurance company of the individual who hit and totaled my car. 

To make a long story short, we've been battling back and forth with them for 9 mos. and yesterday I received notice from my lawyer that, based on conflicting evidence through a second accident report that was filed after the case was supposedly closed 2.5 years ago, the other insurance company has decided to drop the case and everything should be closed out and finished before Christmas!

God is so good.

This case will finally be closed and there will be no opportunity for it ever reopening after these last few papers are signed and filed. I am so relieved that this is almost done with. It has been hard enough to deal with the physical struggles that have accompanied me these last three years without having to deal with the offender trying to sue me for his bent fender. :-) BUT, God has been faithful. He has given patience, and has enabled me to totally take my hands off the situation and let Him take care of it. True to His nature, He has. In His own time. Not my timetable, but His. 

God has a plan for each of His children and we cannot see that plan sometimes until months/years down the road. Later on we can look back and see God's ever-guiding hand leading and directing each of our steps and decisions to the perfect outcome. His outcome. Is the outcome always what we think we need or want? No, but it is perfect in the way that it makes us draw nearer to Him and become more like Him. 

As I have said many times before, I am NOT a patient person:-) I like schedules, order, discipline, structure, etc...and this situation has been the complete opposite:-) It has been a good "sharpening" time for me as I have had to let my "take charge and get it done" self go and let my Heavenly Father order all the steps, accomplish the goals, and finish the task.  Hasn't He done such a good job? :-) Way better than I could have ever done it! 

As I sat at my computer last night reading the lawyers email, I must admit that I let out a quiet "" Is it really done? No:-) As a result of all this extra expense that my insurance company has had to put out for the legal battle, they will more than likely drop us. But you know, I'm not worried about it:-) God has brought us this far and I know that He, who sees even the tiny sparrow fall, will make a way for me. 

"Jesus is the JOY of living, He's the dearest friend I KNOW!"



  1. So glad to hear about this! Will be praying that everything closes out smoothly. God is good.

  2. As Bro. Mitchell would say, " The cream will rise...."


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