Thursday, September 8, 2011

Really??? 6 months old already??!!

Another milestone has been reached today...6 months old! I remember thinking to myself on more than one occasion 6 months ago that" all would seem like a bad dream 6 months from now" It seems that I just blinked my eyes and here we are six months later with a healthy, happy (well, for the most part - teething isn't fun:-) growing little boy! What a joy he is! Just in the last few days he has started really belly laughing at us, giggling when tickled, likes to  blow loud spit bubbles, and has discovered his legs and toes! He is so funny when you try to change his diaper. He sticks his legs straight up in the air and you lay them down to undo/redo the diaper and he immediately pulls them straight back up. It makes for interesting diaper changes, but it's quite cute too:-) He also has figured out that if he "fake coughs" somebody comes running to check on him. It has been interesting to observe that he does not "cough" until he is either being put to bed or is supposed to be playing with toys by himself and he doesn't want to do that...he starts his coughing thing, kinda soft at first, and if no one responds right away, the coughing gets a little louder and more pronounced with a little yell in between the coughs! lol! It's so funny and we usually end up picking him up (NOT when he's supposed to be sleeping) and having tickle time or what not, so he does get held a lot! BUT, that's OK! He will only be little for just this very brief time and we are determined to enjoy every single minute of it!

Several people have asked me is "he is really all "ok"? and to us he is. Now, according to stats and growth charts he would be considered "slower to develop". I determined when I brought him home that I was not going to compare or expect. I have taken each thing that he does as a blessing and have enjoyed each stage of his little life so far and am kinda glad that he's not growing up quite as fast as his sisters did:-) In some areas I've observed an advancement to what his sisters did at the same age. He does weigh more than either of them did, more verbal, and is quite a bit more expressive with body and facial expressions than they were. He still struggles with holding his body upright, but that will come:-) All in all, he is just fine! He has not had one sickness since he came home and that is miraculous!

So with a heart of gratefulness, we will enjoy this new day with him and look forwards to what the Lord has in store for us tomorrow! We love our precious little guy and are thankful that the Lord entrusted his earthly care to us. May we never take it for granted!

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