Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall is in the air!!

Fall is on it's way! HooRAY! This is my favorite time of year and I always say "I'm so lucky to have been born in my favorite season!" lol!  Audrey remarked the other day, as I was attempting to be crafty with some things for my table and coffee table, that I didn't need to decorate for fall because my whole HOUSE is ALWAYS decorated for fall;-) 

Oh well, what can I say? I LOVE fall colors:-) Anyways....I took some photos of the kids the past week and needed to get those up for the family. So hard to believe that next weeks post will be about my littlest munchkin turning 7 months old! YIKES! How is it that after they are born the time goes so fast you can hardly catch your breath, but while you're pregnant the time goes so slow you feel like your suffocating...well, literally...hehehe:-) He's turning into such a crazy man...but that's all for next weeks post!

I've posted a few pictures of my house for my sister Em, to get her in more of the "fall mood" as she lives in the very dry, sandy, same-ole-look-to-every-season, state of Fl:-)

The kids have also been busy playing in their playhouse, helping Mommy put up apples and tomatoes, and getting the flower beds ready for fall/winter landscaping. The girls are doing well in school and Adalyn is beginning to be able to read 3-4 word sentences.

The girls made cards for Uncle Jeremy's birthday (he lives in Brazil) and we took photos of them and their cards and emailed the birthday greetings on the exact the snail mail anyday!

Adalyn is also learning how to ride her bike and has even pedaled some by herself. She doesn't really want to learn to ride, but we told her "it's time":-)

Last, but most certainly not least, is Caleb...he loves his toes, "singing", says "ma ma", and looks just like a little man all dressed up for Church! How we love this little guy! But, I'll have more on him next week:-) 

I'm not sure why one of the pictures turned out blurry, but I guess you can still see that killer grin and that's all that matters, right???;-)

Until next week....Happy Fall!


  1. We skyped with Jeremy on yesterday. Esther was baking him a cake in a 100 degree house although I guess it cooled off to 90 after some rain.

  2. We'll get in the Fall mood once the temps drop below 90 and stay there! :) Still a little warm for my preference, but looking forward to November! Caleb looks chubby and happy- love to see his smile and your red door looks fab! It wasn't painted the last time we were there and you did a super job. Thanks for the pics!

  3. Ah yes, we who live in Florida thank you :)

    I was even older than Addie when I learned to ride my bike! I had a hard time getting the hang of it. (There may just have been the slightest bit of stubbornness in there, too:) But you can tell Addie that once I learned how I LOVED it and have enjoyed it ever since!


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