Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Each day brings new things

Well, it's official...my littlest man has decided he's ready to use the spoon:-) Just a little banana for today, but will be starting him on boiled egg yolk and banana once a day. I must confess that I'm not quite ready for this, but he obviously is:-) *sigh* They grow up too quickly!

And not to leave his sisters out...here's an Addy "funny":-) The other day we had temperatures in the 70's and she wanted to go out to play. I think she's jumped the gun on the seasons though....

Now, remember that this is my child that wanted to play in the sprinkler when it was 45 outside and we let her, thinking that she'd give it up once she went outside...nope, not her! Somehow I've got to help her get her outside activities in line with the correct seasons...lol!

And Last, but not Least...Audrey:-) 
 She was helping Adalyn with a Phonics experiment and was getting into it as much as Adalyn was:-) She's my big girl helper and I'm glad she's mine!

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  1. Oh,how big Caleb is getting! I just can't believe it! Eating by himself already. And Addie, as comical as ever. I know you are glad to have helpers around too. Love keeping up with the pictures!


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