Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us to you! I trust you had a blessed Christmas Season and are anticipating the great things God has for you during this New Year! Even though the political and financial outlook for 2013 seem a bit grim, we know that we can still have JOY in Jesus! EnJOY some photos of our Holiday Season activities!
Christmas Eve Dinner at Mom's

Rose made the table look so pretty!

Wonderful yummy goodness....and all good for you!

Rose will hate me for this, but I never could get a picture of her "dressed up"...she was on vacation;-)

Our three munchkins


He can never resist an opportunity to be goofy:-)

The girls had fun decorating their gingerbread house with their friends!

Christmas Day Breakfast

The morning festivities were a little much, I think:-)

Addy and her Kirsten doll (Thank you Aunt Cissy, Grandmom, Mom and Dad!)

The reading of the Christmas Story

Caleb directing our sing time of Christmas Songs

He's his Papa's boy!

Looonnngg day:-)

Audrey and her violin! (Thank you Grandmom and Mom and Dad for your part!)

"Oh my! I'm SOOO cute!"

Off to see the lights in McAdenville

Our handsome taxi driver!

Caleb and Mommy looking at the lights

Family Fun weekend with Cissy and Bobby

Enjoying Aunt Cissy's homemade egg nog

Caleb "helping" Uncle Bobby eat his cake:-)

Me with my Aunt! Love her!

It's okay...she had her 3 day pass;-)

Audrey and Aunt Cissy racing the cars at Fun Depot

I got her to be still long enough to take one picture! lol!

Ummmm...I don't know if we should have let her (Aunt Cissy) have that thing...;-)

Aunt Cissy and Uncle Bobby havin' fun!

"Gracious! How do you get this thing to go!"


  1. Love the pic of your kids with your parents - we sure miss having them in west TN!

  2. Thank you, Sarah! I mentioned to Mom that you posted on the blog and she said to tell everyone hello! Thanks for stopping by!


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