Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year for Thanksgiving we continued our new tradition of helping out at the Ronald McDonald house in Winston-Salem. We had a great time preparing the food and then serving it! My Grandmother got to come down to help as well as my cousin, Chris, and his wife, Amy. I have not seen Chris in about 22 years so it was good to catch up and meet his wife. They now live in the Raleigh area of NC, so we're looking forwards to more visits with them! Here's some highlights of the day...

Mom provided some lovely dinner music

Dad helped alright! He helped eat all that yummy stuff! JK...he really did help:-)

My cousin, Chris, his wife Amy, and my Grandmom

The crazy foursome:-) Emma just cracks me up...she and Addy make a team!

Daddy and Caleb hanging out

My sweet Grandmom who came all the way from TN to spend the week with us

The Friday following Thanksgiving, we got together with Stephen's family and had a great time of fellowship and riding Uncle Tim's fourwheeler! That was a BLAST! I even rode it and just had a great time doing that. Stephen took several pictures on his phone as well, so hopefully I can get him to post those on here too:-)

The two running, one picking...:-)

The big girls and Grandpa having some R and R:-)

The FOUR musketeers

What is it with throwing bark chips everywhere? I guess it's fun!

Sweet Caleb swinging away

Silly K...can't ever get that girl to be still long enough to look at the camera!! I guess she was busy driving...see, girls do drive responsibly!! She was keeping her eyes on the "road"!
We had a great time enjoying our family and friends and also enjoyed being able to minister to the people at the RMH. We hope to be able to continue doing that from now on and are so thankful for that privilege! It is hard to believe that Christmas is upon us and we're putting up our tree and decorations tonight after Stephen gets home. Tis the Season for counting your Blessings and for remembering that God is the Giver of those blessings and without Him, we wouldn't have anything to celebrate!

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