Friday, March 1, 2013

Homemade Herbal Green Protein Drink

Since March is the big birthday month in our family - a total of 6 this year. I thought I'd try to do some "foodie" things in between all the posts of the birthday happenings :-) Today I'm going to tell you how to make your own Herbal Green drink that costs way less than buying something in a Health Food store prepackaged.

Now, you may not have a Dehydrator like this one....

But, you can use your stove at the lowest temperature possible or if you have a warm place in your house where you can lay out the greens to dry, you can do that but it will take a few days. Using any temperature above 104 degrees destroys nutrients, enzymes, and minerals so having a temperature controlled unit like my Exaclibur or using a warm place in your house is the best way.

Do you remember this picture from a while back that I shared about the winter greens I was getting from the Farmers here in NC?
Well, I'm going to tell you how to take all those yummy winter greens you're either buying or growing and turn them into a delicious herbal protein smoothy that is so healthy for you and helps you beat the winter blues by receiving digestable protein and vitamins A and D to keep your mind healthy and alert!

First you take all the dried greens that you've dried....see mine?
I've powdered up lacinto kale, curly kale, and green leaf lettuce
Put them in your blender and pulse or blend until the greens are a nicely powdered up! Then you add 1/4 pound each of the following herbs....
Organic Kelp, Indian Gooseberry, and Hawthorn Berry powder are three of my favorite powders to use!
Kelp is an algin that is very high in Iodine which is absolutely necessary for a healthy thyroid and is a great blood purifier. Indian Gooseberry is probably the most highly recommended berry for the consumption of Vitamin C and is known for it's benefits to the heart and cardiovascular system. Hawthorn Berry is great for either high or low blood pressure and counteracts the effects of rheumatism. You could really use any herb or berry powder that fits your nutritional needs, but these three are ones that everyone should regularly use.
Because the nutritional value of "vegetables" in the store is minimal to non-existent due to depleted soils, chemical fertilization, and genetic modification of the actual plants, our diets have to include a lot of herbs and berries to help fill in the nutritional gaps. If you are buying your vegetables strictly from the store, you are receiving little to no nutrition whatsoever. You would have to consume bushels of grocery store produce to get the same nutritional value as a few tablespoons of a powdered berry, herb, or green substance that either you've grown or that has been sustainably and organically grown.

After you've powdered your greens, combine them with the powdered herbs and berries in a large bowl. After stiring, transfer this powder mixture to a glass mason jar. This MUST be kept in the fridge.

Now, onto the fun part! How to turn those power packed herbs, greens, and berries into a super protein shake!

In a large blender place the following items....
3-4 organic bananas, 4-6 raw farm raised egg yolks (NOT the whites), 1 cup homemade fresh yogurt, and enough milk to fill the blender.

PLEASE DO NOT use ANY eggs raw unless they come directly from a farmer that you know. To do otherwise is asking for salmonella or e coli poisoning.  There is NO such thing as "free range, cage free, fresh" eggs available in the grocery store. That is a marketing scam! Those chickens are raised in deplorable conditions and have a little door in the side of their building that they can go out of into a small fenced off area that is dirt only, IF they can find the door.  "Cage free" means they are not confined to small cages, but are confined to a large building beak-to-beak. Don't be fooled by the cartons :-)
If you have any Raw Cacao powder you can add that in as well to give you some additional vitamins and minerals. I LOVE using Cacao, but it is expensive and I use it as a "treat" in our shakes periodically.

After the above ingredients are in the blender, add 4 Tablespoons of the powdered mix, blend thoroughly, and enjoy!

The raw egg yolks, yogurt, and milk provide all the digestable protein your body could desire! Oftentimes when the body is compromised, digestive enzymes are not present and it makes digesting grains, meats, and raw vegetables difficult. Using truly raw yogurt on a daily basis increases the body's ability to regain digestive enzymes and lactobacillius 's and makes it easier on the body to digest and retain important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. I know for myself personally that using a shake like this daily has helped my thyroid, kidney, and liver remain efficient despite internal damage acquired after a car accident. Your body can heal itself and stay healthy, but it has to have the tools to do it with!

I hope this Herbal Green Protein shake will be as helpful to you in your health journey as it has been to me! Stay tuned for learning how to make Egg Shell water, Whey and cheese, and delicious Bone broths! Simple but very effective remedies for the ailing body that require only 1-2 ingredients and your time!

Happy Health!

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