Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January 2013 Happenings!

January was a bit of a slow month, but I managed to get a few little shots of the cute people in my life...:-)
Such happiness all the time!

If you could read his thoughts right now, you would see him thinking "Hmmm". That's his new phrase..."Hmmm". He really takes after his Papa. He is a little man of few words and most of the time he says "Hmmm". lol! SOOO like my Dad!

Licking the banana bread you can tell, they really liked it:-)

Caleb doing his "school"...hehehe...he's so cute, isn't he?

Now, I took these last three this morning. (YES, I know it's February but they were so cute I had to share them:-) I had sat him at the table to eat and then went back to the stove to clean up. I turned around to tell him something and didn't see him or his plate! I heard a cute little giggle coming from under the table....goofy kid! I guess breakfast is WAY more fun under the table:-)

See my "owie"!! This is what happens when Dee-Dee (his name for Adalyn) shuts my little finger in the bathroom door..ALL.THE.WAY.SHUT. He kept closing his eyes while I was trying to take the picture, so this is as good as it gets!

We did have one family event this month. Stephen turned 33..I mean, 33..oh, guess you can't swap the numbers to make yourself younger on this one! lol! We had a family party that Wednesday with homemade pizza, a pretty birthday table, and presents. The following Friday night we had a dinner at my Mom's and shared cake and ice cream.  Terrible me, I forgot the camera that night so no pictures of the cake! Sorry!
The girls and I made him a big photo collage frame to hang in his new office at work. My Grandmother sent him money, of which he set back in his home safety account (if you know what I mean;-), and my parents gave him a gift card to Cabella's that he used towards new tennis shoes that he really needed! We had a great time together and are looking forwards to March where we will celebrate all three of our kids birthdays! Whew.....:-) Valentines Day is coming up next week, so tune in again for cute Valentine crafts, homemade card ideas, and healthy sweet treats!

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