Thursday, June 21, 2012

Need I say...OUCH?

Well, today it finally happened. 

The day I've been working so hard to avoid finally got here.

I picked up Caleb and weellll, his weight and my rib problems did what I've been trying to avoid.


Yep. I've had a problem since his pregnancy with a rib that dislocates periodically and it had been giving me trouble this last week and I did not go have it adjusted.  Well, I can now not move my left arm more than an inch or so away from my body because the muscle tension from the shifted rib caused something to pull from my hip clear up to my collar bone! 

Doesn't that just sound fun! It has swelled up like a balloon and I had to resort to taking Ibuprofen. I HATE medicine. It makes me loopy....yes, even ibuprofen. Disgusting stuff. It was either that or go to bed due to not being able to coherently function with the pain. And we all know that mothers cannot go to bed when fathers are not home from work yet...well, and hardly even then!! lol!

Oh the joys of motherhood:-)   

So, my challenge for this week will to do everything with my right does one pick up a 23 pound 15 month old with one arm?? LOL! What a week! YEEHAW!

Well, I guess I'll get some "ebaying" done that I've needed! Happy Day!  

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