Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Fishing Fun

Adalyn's First Fish!

Audrey's First Fish!

Pardon my fish ignorance, but I THINK that Adalyn caught a small mouth bass and Audrey caught either a perch or brim??? 
They are having so much fun that they don't want to stop and come home to eat homemade pizza! For my kids to eat late because they're busy doing something else is a phenomenon that happens VERY rarely:-) LOL!

So happy they have such a nice place to go and have fun. Maybe we'll be able to have a place like this of our own someday:-)


  1. Is that their Papaw's hand I see holding the fish for the picture? He would fish during rain, sleet, wind, and, I'll bet he wouldn't stop for pizza, either. Just ask your Greemaw. It looks like Audrey and Adalyn have picked up the fishing DNA from him.
    Aunt Cissy

  2. Sure is:-) He called a halt to the fishing when I sent him a picture of the finished pizza...he blamed it on the girls that they were late for supper, but we all know who really held up the show...hahahaha!!! They had so much fun and Adalyn told me that evening that "she was so happy that she finally had her best day ever". Such a goof!


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